Thursday, January 15, 2009


Commuting is what everyone of us does whether we like it or not, though the distances maybe short or long, the mode of transport may be anything from the local trains to walking and everything in between. I am among the very few unlucky (or lucky one as many of you guys might be thinking) whose workplace is just a few minutes from my home (the distance is 1.2 kms to be precise and that also a arrow straight road), and hence I miss commuting to work on my bike over long distances and because of which the average monthly running of my bike is very less and I sometimes really miss riding to work (of course I do count my blessing somedays). 

The joy of riding through traffic is really something diffrerent, you have to be on your toes constantly (not literally) always looking out for the tiny gaps through which to squeeze your bike and go ahead of the pack. It's really challenging and mind stimulating. The reason I am writing this today because I had to go to Malad and this reminded me again today how much i miss commuting ( on my bike, mind you). The commuting I am talking about is not the stop and go or bumper to bumper traffic but the kind of slow moving but flowing traffic where you only stop at the signals, although very few people are blessed with this scenario as most of us have to go to work during rush hour, but still there's no harm in dreaming, is it?

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  1. Congrats on an uninterrupted commute. I really miss that in the morning. And congrats again on the new blog..wish you all the best. Waiting for your Satara ride pics though.