Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long time. No see.

My heartfelt apologies to my followers, however few they may be. I have been absent for a long time from blogging or riding. But don't accuse me of a boring lifestyle cause riding and writing about riding aren't the only things I do. I have taken on a lot of other interests like Driving my Chariot which is a Maruti Suzuki Swift (I agree that its not as fun or involving as a motorcycle but i enjoy it nonetheless), Trekking, Biking for fitness. Henceforth the term bikes will be referred to all self powered versions of two wheelers and a motorcycle will be called a motorcycle and not a bike. I bought a Giant Innova about 3 and half months back and have been riding it for fitness. Also have started commuting to work but one incidence and rains has stooped me from commuting. I will definitely start commuting and riding my bike more once the rains are done with. And guys and gals I'll definitely keep you updated about all the happenings especially the exciting ones in my llife. thanks for your patience.

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