Sunday, April 29, 2012

NRI's and Hypocrisy

What's with this so called NRI's. First they go abroad in search of a better life then they get sentimental and patriotic about India especially after reading about India or listening to Indian songs and then they defend their decision of leaving India and get pissed with anyone who doesn't agree with them and start war of of words against people on social networks when anyone says otherwise. Best of all they cant come to terms or cope up with the problems in India where they have lived since birth after living abroad for a few years. Come on guys India always had its share of problems, its not that the problems came up overnight after you left India. We always had bad traffic, bad road sense, bad civic sense, all sorts of pollution, corruption etc etc. Why is it that suddenly that after living abroad for a few years you cant't handle this problems after coming back? For heavens sake you have lived here and have dealt with this problems successfully in the past. Suddenly after coming back from developed countries the problems of India seem larger and insurmountable to you and you start cribbing about these problems and use it as a defense for leaving the country and at the same time professing your love for your country. I have lot of questions for you NRI's but I am sure you will conveniently neglect those questions and continue to defend yourself to the extent of saying that I selected to work in a private hospital than a government hospital and use the same logic to explain to me why they choose to go to a developed country. Come on man I don't get sentimental after listening to patriotic songs or don't celebrate Indian festivals in a foreign land or carry Indian flags in a foreign land on 15th August because I live in India and I don't need to prove my Indianess to anyone around me because by living here its obvious that I love India and don't have to prove anything to anyone. It's you the NRI who has to prove his love for India after leaving the country, it's you who used to listen to western songs while living in India and when living in a foreign land learned to listen to and appreciate Indian music which you rarely did when living in your homeland (btw I listen to and enjoy both Indian as well as western music). So friends stop cribbing about India and its problems we live with them everyday and get over them. We crib about them cause we have a right to as we suffer from them everyday. I know you suffer more because nobody likes problems on their vacations and you come here for your vacations I think that is the reason why you crib more. There I answered for you. :P.

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